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lolita meeting at my place, wearing my beloved jellyfish dress. ♥

OP: krad lanrete
shoes: secret shop
tights: taobao
wig: l-email
corsages: infanta/red maria
accessories: offbrand


blue + brown 


Super simple outfit for shopping and having sweets with boyfriend. :9 I can never take pictures before tasting, gotta change that!

I wore this Blanche Neige jsk I love (dark florals, yay!) with an Axes Femme blouse (the only one that fits the dress’ collar) and a Meta bag. The rest is either offbrand or dear gifts from dear friends.
(I believe this is the only outfit I can put together with my current wardrobe that doesn’t have black on it. haha)


July, 2014 - 17º Festival do Japão 2014

That was a nice nice day with brothers and friends. This festival is huge and there is an AMAZING food court, with lots of japanese food *-*

The good thing was that I was able to see friends I didn’t see in a long time, and take some good photos in these little japanese styled garden inside the convention center <3

And a funny picture, haunting something, because I love funny pictures haaha


Hairclip: Devas Acessórios

Necklace, parasol and shoes: Offbrand

Blouse: Bodyline

JSK: Angelic Pretty

Bag: Loris

Tights: Trifil


BABY’s Victorian Secret Key + Innocent World bolero + offbrand (vintage, etsy, Melissa, Accessorize, Closet Child) accessories. I wore it to watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s on Sunday! :D


Oldschool-ish outfit :3 I made the skirt!


Oldschool-ish outfit :3 I made the skirt!


Easter outfit feat. Lucy, my bby bunny ˘˘


*evil laughter*